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Weekly Top 10 Drum and Bass Chart - July 8th, 2016

New heat from Loadstar, The Prototypes, TC, Crissy Criss, and much more

I positively frown upon wasting time reading my ramble when you could be listening to the new Fred V & Grafix album...However, if that doesn't wet your whistle, or your index finger is just looking for a break in between bashing's of the repeat button, take a gander at the recent offerings from the dnb gods below and lets consider ourselves blessed that our chosen genre is packing so much heat. Hallejuah!

More riddims...

"On The Wheels" - Loadstar [RAM Records]

Sweet tune from the artists formerly known as Xample & Lomax - there's some trivia for ya! Actually, with the key line being 'yeah I go hard', sweet may be the wrong word...still good though.

"Rocket Guns Blazin'" - The Prototypes [Get Hype Records]

Friction digs it, we digs it - Pendulum is busy throwing it down at EDC...if you don't care to jump on the 'Rocket Guns Blazin'' bandwagon that's fine but you're missing out in your little lonely corner of the world.

"Never Stop" - DC Breaks [RAM Records]

Putting the piano to top use here! Internet reception suggests this isn't one for the purists, but nevertheless. Different strokes for different folks and this is but one strand of the genre, my dear angry persons of the internet machine...

"Be There For You (T&Sugah Remix)" - Doctor, Turntable Dubbers [Nice Up!]

Hearty bit of flavour sprinkled over this mix! That's what I like to see. 

"Quick Jungle" - TC ft. MC Fats

Big day for TC! New album 'Unleash The Wolves' is dropping today and the buzz surrounding the release is a-zinging more than a lemon to the eyeball!

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"What You Do To Me" - LoKo [Viper Recordings]

LoKo back in the house-o, makes my pulse say...uh-oh. Err less of that maybe..the Viper kid coming in strong with this and another brand spanking new beat, 'Time Flies'.

"Who Can You Trust? (Dossa & Locuzzed Remix)" - Deuce & Charger

New Viper Recordings artists Dossa & Locuzzed rinse this tune in sunlight and synths - and we now pronounce it - fresh to death.

"Love Me" - WiDE Awake ft. Jacob Banks (Crissy Criss Remix) [Carrot Gang Entertainment]

For me this has classic stamped all over it. The kind of tune I will download and refer to for feels time and time again. Nice.

"Manouver" - MachineCode [EatBrain]

Hard and fast neuro from the master for ya - just in case you thought I was getting soft with all that chat about feels! 

"Dr. Kink" - The Upbeats [Vision Recordings]

Epic tune and terrifying music video - shan't be indulging in the watching of that clip quite so close to bedtime again...

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