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I sincerely hope you kicked off your summer in the best way possible. I'm still trying to wrap my head around "real life" after a surreal four days out in Rothbury, MI for Electric Forest, so please forgive my typos or questionable music preferences today. Aside from Baauer, What So Not, Apashe, Party Favor, Flosstradamus, Brillz and much more... one particular highlight you should know about was Styles&Complete's sunset set at the Forest stage.

Near the end of the set, with a glut of fans rustling through trees, the duo premiered an absolutely insane remix of Sia. Now, if you've been to Electric Forest, you know that there's a seemingly endless number of things to do at the festival at any given moment, so it should say something when I tell you that I was at the right place at the right time for this. 

As soon as I can get my hands on that remix, I'll share it with you. But until then, it's back to reality, and back to 10 new trap tracks which are also killing it this week. 

Styles&Complete Electric Forest 2016

Styles&Complete pose at the Forest Stage at Electric Forest (uncredited)

Knife Party - Destroy Them With Lazers (BUSTED By Herobust)

What future, trap and dubstep have in common. Such a wicked spin that even Dr. Evil gets in on the track. 

ATLiens & Felmax - 'Thank God'

No light could escape from this. Love how it doesn't so much drop into dark trap as it sludges through it. 

Atik - '#Ghostface'

Trap Track of the Week: Atik has graced this chart before, but this is somewhat of a different sound, or perhaps face, for the distinct producer. Rowdy af, I wonder how many people will be "doing the #Ghostface" this year. Come to think of it, I actually saw a true Wes Craven Ghostface at Electric Forest... Something is starting up here. 

Pluto - 'Divergent'

When you sample a hip hop classic and don't even include the main artist. Boom. Could be the best trap rendition of a classic ever. That's UGK from "Big Pimpin'" if you were wondering.

Nitti Gritti - 'I Love You'

Only because it's so blazingly outrageous. 

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Yvng Jalapeno - 'Rufus'

I have respect for anyone following Crystal Castles, and while Yvng Jalapeno sounds little like them, his creativity is also quite clear. This one comes just after his equally-as-impressive rework of Cashmere Cat's "With Me".

What So Not & Ganz (feat. Joy) - 'Lone (SCRVP Remix)'

Far less lofty than the original but to great effect. If the original was made for dancing at sunset in slow motion, this is made for turning into a werewolf under a full moon. Room for both. 

Ookay - 'Thief (BAILO & Subtronics Remix)'

Lots of remixes for big tracks this week, but there's nothing quite like playing something like this and then dropping the twist, and then in this case, dropping the second twist which is somehow more shocking. If you're feeling this, definitely go vote for it in the WAVO contest.

Rigby - 'Me & I'

Loving the vocal work here. From the soft, subtle female whispers and tough vocal progression, Rigby's harnessed a palpable amount of power. 

Dabow & TWERL - 'Old Skool'

Dabow just rolled out his Namaste EP, which I recommend checking out for how unique it is. Kind of like funk-infused arthouse trap with enough mainstream for the weekend. His mix with TWERL isn't as ambitious, but it's still a cut above, just balanced more on the weekend side. 

Full playlist:

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