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I don't care how many people call it "huge" or "trap anthem" or "high energy banger" (these are all real press lines), the new Yellow Claw and DJ Snake track is just not my thing. And it pains me to say it, because I do dip quite a few Yellow Claw and DJ Snake tracks in the chart from time to time. Good thing for me is that there was something else to "dip" into this week... 

...The new release from Atik. Once again putting work on this chart and sounding like nobody else's business. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm still looking forward to DJ Snake's debut album Encore as much as any fan, but huge trap anthem high energy bangers just don't cut it for me anymore. There's far too much else out there. Here's 10 new trap tracks you need to hear.

Full playlist at the bottom. 

Alluxe - 'Work My Body'

I'm just blown away by this track really. We featured it earlier this month in the Future Bass Chart, but in case you missed it, here it is. Since it doesn't really fit nicely into either genre, it was a good excuse to give it another bump here. 

ZOMBOY - 'Dip It (Atik Remix)'

Atik had the track of the week with 'Ghostdance' earlier this month, and now he's unchained this monster. It features his distinct ghost-glitch, but this remix is all party. Like a trap piñata that's being bludgeoned to a sugary pulp. 

Gramatik - 'War of the Currents (Gill Chang Remix)'

The original was already somewhat of a trap tune, but Gill Chang strips the wobbles, brings in the synth waves and shreds the hell out of it. 

Tascione - 'Lights Out'

Off UZ's Quality Goods label, 'Lights Out' is off emerging artist Tascione's brand new Smoke & Mirrors EP. And between this and the title track, I'm taking this one, though both are good. The drop is just an absolute wrecker. Gumby may be the only other person who can lean back this far. 

The Chainsmokers feat. Charlee - 'Inside Out (SAYMYNAME Remix)'

You might be expecting some kind of crazy, harsh, insane SAYMYNAME drop to suddenly come crashing in on Charlee's intimate vocals, and that's exactly what happens here. Major tune. Even when you see it coming, there's just no preparing for something like this. 

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JVST SAY YES - 'Gold Diggers'

Saying he wanted to temporarily break off from his "'bass house' act," JVST SAY YES just happens to create a trap masterpiece. He makes brilliant work of Bear Grillz, and while some may have wanted the track to continue on with its hip hop bounce, you'd have to tear me away from this drop. The execution is masterful. Not bad for an 'experiment'... 

Zeds Dead & Diplo feat. Elliphant - 'Blame'

First Dillon Francis surprised me with a trap tune, and now it's Diplo's turn to suprise me with this bass hybrid. That said, the melodic vocal arrangement sounds very much like him, and that's what I like most about the track. It's not one of those tunes where the vocals and drop are two separate elements. They work together here throughout, which adds to the track's depth. 

Spaces - 'Notes'

I love the sound profile Spaces uses here. It's as if a dark trap track was drenched in setting sun rays on the last day of summer. Tuff, but nostalgic, and heavy as gold. 

JuicyJames - '933'

That moment when you realize that trendy club you're in is actually the lodge from Twin Peaks

t.A.T.u. - 'All the Things She Said (Nonsens Switch-Up)'

Just chills. When you have goosebumps, there's no mistaking it – these are some serious feels. 

Full playlist:

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