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What Exactly Is This Strange New Product BoomBoom?

The new tube full of smells that will awaken your sesnses
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We saw the ad for BoomBoom not too long ago and thought it was genius; you can check it here. 

At first, you think that you are being messed with and that it's a parody but then after a closer examination and some googling, you discover it's real. 

The immediate guess was that it's some kind of stimulant that you inhale, kind of like that weird inhalable caffeine stuff. 


AeroLife really is caffeine you can inhale, it's weird

Nope, it's not a stimulant at all but more like Vicks vapo rub in a tube (although not medicated).

From the BoomBoom site:

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BoomBoom is made of a blend of menthol and 100% natural essential oils that have been used for centuries in Eastern medicine to provide invigorating energy, intense refreshment, and mental stimulation

boom boom

BoomBoom in the studio, get your mind out of the gutter

BoomBoom is kind of like shotgunning essential oils; it's an intense dose of wonderful smells that are a lot more pleasant that vapo rub and just as vibrant. The BoomBoom crew roles three deep, hitting you with Tropical Rush, Cinna-mint, and Berry Breeze. 

You still smell menthol, which I find refreshing anyway, but it's paired with fruit to take away some of the harshnesses that some people might find in just a menthol vapor. 

There really isn't any energy boost like you would get with caffeine but more of a refreshing feeling that is akin to using aromatherapy, just a lot more intense. 

If you are out at a dirty festival with lots of sweaty guys around you stinking it up, BoomBoom is a sure-fire source of relief from the smell of Dude No. 5. 

I liked all three flavors but if I had to pick one it would be Cinna-mint because that's my jam. 

They are giving away a free tube of the stuff on their site, so hurry over there before to grab yours before the promo ends. 

Say goodbye to 90s style Vapo rub and hello to BoomBoom

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