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Rave flyers are kind of a lost art, if you ask us. Sure, modern-day massives boast some of the most state-of-the-art designs, but there's something to be said for the counterculture quirk of the old school party promo.

...That being said, some of what was supposed to entice party people into going through the trouble of following map points to get to a cramped warehouse seems like the stuff of nightmares in retrospect. For every flyer design that you think back on with fondness, there were fifty that looked like they could have been made made by John Wayne Gacy. 

We've dug deep into the sweaty depths of rave to unearth ten of the most unnecessary rave flyers ever to get wedged under windshield wipers. Some of them are pretty benign - but just to forewarn you, a lot of them had weird kid stuff going on. Also, a couple of them are fairly recent, because it's not like awful parties just stopped happening. 

Enjoy - If you're into this kind of thing, anyways.

10.CHRISTopher cOMPs UNholy birthDAY

Christopher comps unholy birthday flyer

Honestly, the idea of a Satan-themed rave actually sounds like it could be kind of neat, but not if metrosexual juggalos will be there.

9. Deeper

Deeper Flyer

The only thing remotely deep thing about this flyer is the fact that you have to stare at it for a few seconds before you realize that there isn't an actual joke here.

8. Essence

Essence Flyer with Richie Hawtin, Kimball Collins

...Because nothing says absurdly stacked techno lineup like a creepy baby trying to escape the Tron universe, right?

7. Love

Love Flyer

To be fair, a party like this would be pretty cool. What wouldn't be cool is expecting a party like this and then walking in to see the cuddle puddle of UFO pants-wearing tweakers that almost surely took place instead.

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6. Groo**** 95

Groo**** 95 Flyer

They say if you look into her eyes long enough, she'll steal your soul. It doesn't help that the one part of the flyer you're absolutely supposed to look at is cut off.

5. WTF Wednesdays

WTF Wednesdays

Actually, now that we take a closer look, this flyer is the best thing that happened all summer. The party itself was probably a different story.

4. Pass the Retin-A

Pass The Retin-A Flyer

...On the plus side, this one is really colorful, we guess?

3. Every Friday (?)

Every Friday Baltimore

We feel like we're going to get paper cuts on our eyes just by looking at this design.

2. My Little Party

My Little Party Flyer

The guy who sent this to us said "These were made out of regular printer paper" as if that was the worst part.

1. Electric Daisy Carnival (1992)

Electric Daisy Carnival 1992

We can't even count how many things are wrong with the 1992 Electric Daisy Carnival flyer, but we'll go ahead and declare that hideous font the worst aggressor.

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