Summer Set is about to open this next weekend. While the festival season is still not over, this year's edition of the Somerset, WI event will help you bring your beautiful summer of festival and show hopping to an end. It says goodbye to easy days and warm nights. This festival is a no brainer for anyone looking to finish up their summer the right way. 

This years lineup is a no brainer as well. With genres from all over the board including hip-hop, disco, and funk, it has something for everyone. Now that set times are released, you can relax knowing you have time to see everyone you could dream of. 

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Don't worry if you aren't quite ready for the festival as Magnetic Magazine will take you through ten tracks to pump you up for next weekend.

10. "Palms Trees" - Flatbush ZOMBiES

The Flatbush name comes from the borough that the trio grew up in, Flatbush, Brooklyn. The three bonded immediately over anime and psychedelics, giving them the Zombie tag. Their debut album arrived in the form of 3001: A Laced Odyssey, and now, they are becoming a big name in the festival circuit. “Palm Trees” shows their hip-hop roots and influence from "beast coast," a genre that has emerged out of the East Coast. You can feel the hip-hop beats and soothing melody popular of the region. 

9. "Skyline" - Eric Mayson

Eric Mayson has been one busy bee filling his days with acting, directing, composing and producing. He has always been talented musically, starting with learning the piano as a toddler. Eric Mayson’s sound is eclectic with influences from hip-hop, neo-soul, and indie. “Skyline” is  the culmination of his sound, but predominately indie rock and neo-soul. His power comes from his live sets, making his time slot a destination for any Summer Set attendee. 

8. "Beat The Sunrise ft. Andrew Watt" - SNBRN

Kevin Chapman combines disco, future house and indie to make his own sound, “sunset house.” “Beat The Sunrise” puts his best foot forward and is the perfect example of his brand. You can hear his disco influence from the drum machines and the repetitive melody of future house. Hailing from Los Angeles, he was influenced early on at 12 years old by Fatboy Slim and Moby.

7. "You Were Right" - RUFUS/RÜFÜS DU SOL

Thankfully, one rainy day sparked RÜFÜS DU SOL with an impromptu jam session between its three band members: Tyrone Lindqvist, Jon George, and James Hunt. Ever since then, the three have been making waves in the electronic music community. Coming from Sydney, Australia the band is named Rüfüs; however, due to legal complications, they go by RÜFÜS DU SOL in the United States. The three thrive on secret live sets with classical instruments mixed with electronic sounds.  

6. "Bukkweat" - Mr. Carmack

Aaron Carmack has always been known to be a great producer. His music is “the expression of experience,” and you can hear it in his eclectic style with San Fransisco hip-hop roots. Within the last year, his progression as a DJ has been immense. You can hear his growth within the last year from hard changes to smooth progressions and intense sound. Be ready to hear his new album at Summer Set that came out this week, including the song that showcases his sound, “Bukkweat.”

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5. "Wrong" - Claptone

Claptone is quite the mythical being, donning a golden avian mask and otherworldly sets; he leaves little to the imagination. Even though you may have heard of him or have been to his sets, no one truly knows who he is. He wants to stimulate his crowd with soulful house not just make you want to dance. While his music is best heard in a candlelit room with gold walls, he makes every festival intriguing and intimate.

4. "Cash It" - PHO

If you like funk, you are going to have to be at PHO's set on Friday. Traveling with The Motet and respected by the late Prince, it is a no brainer that this band is a strong contender among the artists playing Summer Set. Even though the group of seven is still climbing their way to the top of the funk charts, their big hit, “Cash It,” showed the world who they are. Coming from the Twin Cities, their style exhibits classic hints of funk with a modern twist.

3. "Reverie" - Illenium

Illenium A.K.A. Nick Miller is making a huge splash in Denver, CO. As a local, he is able to capture the musical inclination of the city as well as influence people looking for his sound around the world. His music speaks volumes about human connection and inner escapism. Illenium hopes to make timeless music and he has done just that with his recent album release from four months ago. His intricate melodies and classic rhythms serve as the foundation of his iconic sound.

 2. "Crossfire" - Stephen

Stephen is pretty new to the scene, having started in 2012 and making his studio album debut in the form of Sincerely earlier this year. He found his following with his cover of Adele’s “Hello” and his recent hit “Crossfire.” Just like all of us, he purports that he's “just trying to figure it out.” He is using Sincerely to figure it out and spread the message of love in our own vulnerability and honesty. You can hear his own vulnerability in his passionate music.

1. "Welcome to My House 003" - Mija

Can we just take a minute to talk about Mija? She makes her brand out of “I don’t cares” and “fuck a genre,” but she cares. You can hear her passion in all of her sets and productions. Her drive was able to push her through boundaries faster than other women in a male-dominated music culture. She transcends genres, but makes a sound for herself. She found her breakthrough with Skrillex's OWSLA label in 2014 and has only climbed from there. In between touring, she is able to constantly put out new music. She recently released new music including a third installment to “Welcome to My House.” 

Don't have your tickets to Summer Set yet? Don't worry, you can still buy them here.  

What songs are you listening to to get you ready for Summer Set? Comment below with your own list. 

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