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Amine Edge & DANCE do Not Want to be Considered G House

"We are victims of our success when it comes to the music we created"
Amine Edge & DANCE

Amine Edge & DANCE are widely credited as the originators of the G house genre, but they don't celebrate the association as much as you might expect. In a recent interview the French duo denied that they should be labeled as such, asserting that their contributions to electronic music have been far more eclectic.

Whether you write off G house as a fad genre or give it as much credit as the ghettotech from which it seems to have taken cues, there's no avoiding that it's garnered a staggering international fan base. Amine Edge & DANCE say that it happened by accident, as the former artist was a house music DJ/producer and the latter was more a fan of hip-hop and R&B.

While speaking on the matter with Dancing Astronaut, the duo explained:

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"We are victims of our success when it comes to the music we created and that we called G-House, since then it has become viral and one of the most used names that people use to describe their music. We are often affiliated with it but we do not like most of the music that comes out under this name, we truly think we are unique and this confusion was brought about by people who have no clue of what we really are. We are not a G-House duo, we are way more than that, we fight hard to be recognised as a very eclectic duo and not to be in a very specific box."

Indeed, most of Amine Edge & Dance's music bears more similarity to underground house and techno than what artists like Malaa put out. For that matter, most avid G house enthusiasts don't typically enjoy what the French duo put out, either.

Speaking of their music, Amine Edge & DANCE will soon release an album titled Past Before Future. They have not announced the exact date on which the effort will arrive, but you can look through the tracklist below:

1. Someone Like You (Feat. SerGy)
2. Get Dat
3. Everybody House
4. Hardcore MF
5. Pornstar
6. I Don't Mind
7. Real Girls Fall, Fake Girls Talk (Feat. DJ Sneak)
8. I Want This Shit Forever Mine
9. No We Ain't Sober
10. Bonus: Roach Gigz & Kreashauwn - Pussy Magnet (Amine Edge & DANCE Remix)

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