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ANGELZ Releases Saint Thug EP Via Tchami's Confession Imprint

Confession releases another G house odyssey with unexpected influences
ANGELZ Saint Thug EP Cover Art

Cover art for ANGELZ' Saint Thug EP, which comes out today through Tchami's Confession.

Those who foretold the early demise of G house last year were sorely mistaken, as Tchami's Confession imprint has proven a major contender of the style after entering the arena late last year. Following an impressive four-song EP by Malaa - of whom Tchami is all but confirmed to be one half - the label has returned with Saint Thug, an EP also consisting of four tracks by Quebec producer ANGELZ.

As with much of Malaa's recent music, Saint Thug keeps G house from becoming stale by incorporating unexpected stylistic influences into each arrangement. While "Crew" and "ATBWFM" feature the rumbling bass lines and and pitched-down hip-hop samples characteristic of the genre, "Stunt" and "Want It All" up the ante by swapping out the typical four-four drum pattern with one almost reminiscent of Chicago footwork.

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Being that ANGELZ influences are rooted in southern rap, G house has proven an organic next step for the producer. In an interview with Your EDM, he said of the transition: 

I was generally always drawn towards the “dirty south.” One of the first hip hop artists I was a huge fan of when I was around eight years old is Ludacris. He had just dropped “What’s Your Fantasy” and it completely changed the game. Him and DTP would end up being some of the first artists to give me a shot. 

As the years went by, I started gravitating towards different genres. Clubs exposed me to house music and eventually I started trying my hand at it. All my producing experience came from hip-hop so my take on house music rarely sounded like the stuff I was listening to. At some point I just said fuck it, stopped referencing my tracks and just ran with my vision.

If you're feeling the raw bass lines, gritty vocal refrains and eclectic production elements of the recent EPs released through Tchami's Confession imprint then keep on the lookout for more from the fledgling label. In the meantime, cue up ANGELZ' Saint Thug EP in the SoundCloud playlist above and tell us what you think of his Confession debut by visiting the comments section below.

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