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Are We the Only Ones Who think "Wild Love" is Basically Imogen Heap's "Hide And Seek?"

It's like Cashy just looped a Nintendo game sound effect over The Weeknd's rendition of her 2005 single
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Imogen Heap "Hide and Seek"

We're not ones to point fingers (well, except for this time, this time and this time), but Cashmere Cat and The Weeknd's new collaboration sounds an awful lot like a song that came out during electronic music's previous identity crisis. Most of the dance music community might either be too young or too old to remember Imogen Heap's 2005 single "Hide And Seek," but if you've heard it even once then you must acknowledge its resemblance to "Wild Love."

Daft Punk and The Weeknd are Collaborating on Music

While the two songs aren't in the same key, computer-generated harmonics are applied to the vocals of each one to give them a strikingly similar tonality. While "Hide And Seek" had scarcely any other production elements, though, Cashmere Cat added what sounds like an 8-bit classic video game sound effect at every single measure for long segments of the arrangement. Every. Single. Measure.

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Don't get us wrong; the similarities could be purely coincidence. Still, when you've got as big of a team behind your releases as Cashmere Cat and The Weeknd undoubtedly do, you'd think somebody might suggest that you at least choose a different track to release as the first single of your upcoming album.

After listening to both songs, pay a visit to the comments section below and let us know whether or not you agree.

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