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Attending Live Music Events Promotes Overall Happiness, Study Shows

1,000 Australians were surveyed for the study
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In news that much of Magnetic Magazine's readership might file firmly under "obvious," an Australian study has found that people who regularly attend live music events lead overall happier lives than those who don't. Researchers at Victoria’s Deakin University in Melbourne surveyed 1,000 participants via telephone to arrive at a conclusion that most millennials figure out before graduating high school.

In addition to finding that participants who attended any sort of live music event reported higher "subjective wellbeing" than those who didn't, the study showed that the interpersonal aspect was the important part. Simply listening to music didn't correlate to higher levels of life satisfaction. 

The data was gathered in 2014 as part of the 31st survey of the Australian Unity Wellbeing Index to better determine whether music could be used in clinical interventions. What we, for one, would like to see is a follow-up study that determines whether all of the above also applies to techno fans.

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