Bakermat Teases Sun-Soaked "Dreamreacher" Ft. CHEVRAE and Dumang

"Dreamchaser" will come out on Dirty Soul Music

Dutch melodic house DJ/producer Bakermat puts out the radio-friendly sort of house music that might make genre purists turn up their noses, but there's no denying that his latest track is bonafide summer anthem. He's uploaded a preview of a track titled "Dreamreacher" to his SoundCloud account that features spirited vocals by singer/songwriters CHEVRAE and Dumang.

An acoustic guitar riff in the beginning of the track likens it somewhat to Thomas Jack's 2015 single, "Rivers," with engaging vocals soaring over the top line. An understated smattering of xylophone synths underscores the arrangement at the chorus - at which point the song title finds its way into the lyrics.

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"Dreamreacher" by Bakermat featuring CHEVRAE and Dumang will come out through Dirty Soul Music - although no official release date has been announced for the single. It will undoubtedly see its fair share of play before then, however, as Bakermat will close out August with tour dates in Switzerland, Spain and the UK.

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