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Bauhaus Created a Berghain Replica at Beyond Festival that Rejects All Attendees

One of the Dutch festival's more tongue-in-cheek attractions
Berghain Parody "The Berghenk Experience" at Beyond Festival

Pictured: Berghain parody "The Berghenk Experience" at Beyond Festival in the Netherlands.

The admission policies of Berghain have become a thing of dance music legend. The Berlin techno club has turned away no shortage of hopeful attendees since its 2004 inception - an experience which some tasked with curating Beyond Festival in the Netherlands aimed to simulate.

In conjunction with the organizers of Beyond Festival, the Dutch collective Bauhaus - whose motto is "In Confusion We Trust" - erected a structure on the festival grounds titled "The Berghenk Experience." In addition to mimicking the iconic facade on the entrance side of the former power plant where Berghain is now housed, Berghenk featured a 100% rejection policy.

On the Bauhaus Facebook page was written:

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"Time to train your in-the-line stance and 'walk of shame' skills. We built and simulated a certain club in Berlin in the middle of the festival site including fences, a facade, and little too pretentious dark techno."

In addition, they included the following instructions for those wishing to partake in The Berghenk Experience:

1. Stand in line
2. Get refused
3. Go back to stand in line
4. Get refused
5. Go back to stand in line
6. Get refused
7. Go back to stand in line
8. Get refused
9. Go back to stand in line

Berghain has maintained a longstanding reputation for its extremely selective admission policy, which many have argued is overly arbitrary. In an interview with GQ, the techno mecca's celebrity bouncer (who apparently only started using the internet four years ago explained, "It’s subjective. Only a few of my guys are allowed to select guests at the door. They have to understand what Berghain is all about first, and I try to give them that foundation. Beyond that, there are no set rules."

Beyond Festival wrapped up last weekend, and by all accounts "The Berghenk Experience" was deemed a success.

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