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A Creamfields Attendee has Died

A 26-year-old has passed away after returning to the festival campsite
Creamfields Lineup So Big You Can't See It

Creamfields Lineup So Big You Can't See It

An attendee of Creamfields aged 26 has passed away around Midnight on Saturday after collapsing in the campsite of the event. The cause of death has not been determined, but a drug overdose is suspected as the London music festival's organizers as well as local officials have reminded people to enjoy themselves safely in light of the news.

Creamfields is now in its 11th year, and is more or less the quintessential UK dance music festival. While last year's edition saw 76 drug-related arrests, no fatalities had occurred among festivalgoers.

On the first day of Creamfields 2016, police reported arresting six attendees for alleged possession of class A drugs, and two others are suspected to have intended to distribute after allegedly being caught trying to sneak over 100 ecstasy pills into the event. A Cheshire Police spokesman said:

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“Officers continue to take positive action against those who risk others’ lives by attempting to bring illegal drugs onto site. The Constabulary wants to remind people that drug supply at Creamfields will not be tolerated, and officers will take robust action where necessary.”

Creamfields 2016 is now in its third day, and will wrap up after a fourth on August 28th with performances by the likes of Calvin Harris, Tiësto, Eric Prydz and Paul van Dyk.

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