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Daft Punk Meets Dizzee Rascal in RJ Cherry's "Daft Rascal"

Worlds collide in this unexpected bootleg by DJ Cherry

Today, Magnetic Magazine brings you one of our more unexpected premieres. If you never would have expected to see the names Dizzee Rascal and Daft Punk on the same track you’re probably not alone, but Edinburgh, Scotland producer RJ Cherry has delivered a bootleg that with exactly that.

Alright, alright, you caught us - it’s not like Daft Punk and Dizzee Rascal actually collaborated. For "Daft Rascal," RJ Cherry chopped and compressed the instantly recognizable electro synth lead of the French duo’s 1997 track “Da Funk” for optimal griminess and put the verses from Dizzee Rascal's 2004 single "Stand Up Tall" over the top.

What results is a track whose crossover appeal doesn't come across as forced, but also doesn't try to be more than what it is. A mashup like "Daft Rascal" will undoubtedly slay in a live setting for the simple fact that it just plain works.

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We implore you to find that out for yourself, though. Turn up RJ Cherry's "Daft Rascal" on a sound system with a decent pair of subwoofers and see what happens when the worlds of French house and UK grime collide.

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