deadmau5 Shoots Trespasser's Phone Into Forest After Playing House Party

Losing your phone might actually be worth a story like this, though

A lot of music fans would go to great lengths to see deadmau5 play a house party, but one in particular got a lot more than he bargained for. A fan who snuck into a private party in Toronto where the DJ/producer performed this past weekend lost his phone only to discover later that it had been shot into the surrounding wilderness by pneumatic air cannon.

The Facebook group Toronto Rave Community is a mainstay of the city's electronic music scene, and deadmau5 himself is known to frequent the group from time to time. Following the private party, he made the following post in the group:

deadmau5 Toronto Rave Community Post

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The stunt falls perfectly in line with deadmau5' penchant for controversial behavior; back in June, for instance, he made public jabs at both EDC Las Vegas and Marshmello in the span of a few days. While his antics don't typically carry over into real life, for comedy's sake we're glad that they did this time around.

Trolling aside, deadmau5 will also release a compilation of songs from himself and other Mau5trap signees titled We Are Friends Volume 5 on August 12th - in addition to a studio-length album, for which he has yet to announce a title, release date or tracklist.

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