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Dirtybird Barbecue: Detroit Belle Isle in Pictures

Claude and company brought the heat last weekend
Claude VonStroke at Dirtybird BBQ: Detroit Belle Isle

Claude VonStroke likes to stay true to his roots - living in Detroit will do that you. His renowned Dirtybird BBQ event brand returned to The Motor City this past weekend, this time to invade Belle Isle. 

The first day of the festival was afflicted by the summer rain curse, but people didn’t seem to mind at all and danced the precipitation away. By the second day, the rain left and heat ensued, and the water stations were vital for the crowd to remain in good shape (especially if other outdoor events that took place last weekend have been any indicator). 

The lineup included J. Phlip, Christian Martin, Will Clarke, Golf Clap, Dateless, Justin Martin, Shiba San, Kill Frenzy, Ardalan, and big poppa Claude himself. 

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Justin Martin at Dirtybird BBQ: Detroit Belle Isle

Justin Martin performing at Dirtybird BBQ: Detroit Belle Isle.

Dirtybird BBQ Detroit Belle Isle

Good vibes know no age.

It was interesting to hear a more tech house set from Shiba San, who usually just plays deep house. I was a bit let down by VonStroke’s set on the second day, unfortunately. His “history of Dirtybird set” sounded like somebody went on Spotify and played his top tracks in chronological order, and I was expecting to hear some unreleased versions of his most popular tracks. He brought the house regardless, and Justin Martin had a tough time trying to match his energy.

I’m hoping that the event grows a bit next year and a second stage is added; it felt a bit barren with the attractions so spaced out and just a small stage in the middle. Big shoutout to the sound and production company, though. The sound was top notch and they had these ghetto tech-looking red speakers that were the talk of the town. Gone are the days of VonStroke flipping burgers next to the stage, as much as I might wish that would happen again!

Take a look at the full gallery of photos from Dirtybird BBQ: Detroit Belle Isle below:

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