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DJ Sneak Posts Lengthy Explanation of Inflammatory Fabric Remark

"I am not sorry for what I wrote in social media!"
Twitt Talk: DJ Sneak Attacks Armand Van Helden—"The shit he dropped was straight childish."

After a weekend of social media backlash that resulted from DJ Sneak's latest insensitive remark, the Chicago house veteran has taken it upon himself to issue a response. Weighing in at over 1,200 words, his Facebook post accomplishes every possible purpose other than that of an apology.

DJ Sneak had shared an image of the Fabric logo alongside the words "idon'tcare," presumably in reference to the "#SaveFabric" hashtag that's currently making its rounds in light of the nightclub's possible closure. In his explanation post, he lists off ten other brands "worth speaking about" that have faced similar issues before segueing into a rant about club owners and promoters paying off officials to remain in business.

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"I did not make my statement about Fabric to just hurt people's feelings, maybe you all need a wake up call," a passage of the post reads. "I was never a loyal dude of this venue of its ways of doing business, I am not sorry for what I wrote in social media!"

You can read DJ Sneak's post in its entirety below. To sign the online petition to keep Fabric London open, click here.

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