DJ Sneak Says "#idon'tcare" About Fabric

Steve Mac made sure to immortalize a sentiment that DJ Sneak immediately regretted expressing publicly
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It's not like this is the first time that DJ Sneak has said something insensitive, but it's not all that often that he goes back on it. The I'm A House Gangster label head shared an inflammatory image mocking London nightclub Fabric on social media, and even though he deleted it, the screen shots live on.

DJ Sneak Posts Lengthy Explanation of Inflammatory Fabric Remark

DJ Sneak tweeted and uploaded to Instagram an image of the Fabric logo underscored by the hashtag "#idon'tcare."  He seems to have taken it down when he realized just how much backlash it would elicit, but Steve Mac (one half of Brighton duo Rhythm Masters) is making him eat his words.

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DJ Sneak's post is surely intended to mock the trending "#SaveFabric" hashtag. The club has been subject to the scrutiny of local lawmakers after two 18-year-old attendees died of drug overdoses within a nine-week window; its staff has canceled all events indefinitely while officials decide whether they will allow it to remain open.

What Mac wrote in his post is a reference to DJ Sneak's 1997 single, "You Can't Hide From Your Bud." The dialogue in the comments section suggests that there had been a greater significance behind DJ Sneak's image, but, as Mac put it, that "don't mean its right (sic)." 

Considering what DJ Sneak looks like, it wouldn't be difficult to make fun of on the internet. At this point, his post has only brought upon him the first wave of what will undoubtedly be a full-blown cavalcade of online wrath from even passive supporters of Fabric London.

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