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DubWars: Dubstep Is Your Weapon In This Great New Desktop Game

DubWars brings music and gaming like never before, dubstep fans rejoice!
Get DubWars Here

Get DubWars Here

Wobbl3 Entertainment's DubWars is a captivating mix of old school style arcade play (think Asteroids) and slicked up desktop gaming with Dubstep tunes integrated as part of the actual gameplay, not just the soundtrack. 

You can watch some of the gameplay on this recent review below...

Fly your ship through a myriad of different colorful universes 

Fly your ship through a myriad of different colorful universes 

If you love gaming, and you love dubstep, you are going to be in bass heaven with DubWars. Hell, even if you only love one of the two you are going to geek out. Unlike many desktop games, you by no means need to be a full-on gamer to enjoy it (your girlfriend might even like it), so here's what you need to know before cracking open the laptop in her presence. 

What's fresh about DubWars is that it flips the script on your traditional rhythm game (like Guitar Hero or Dance Dance Revolution) where you typically pound out patterns along with the tune to score points. 

DubWars is the opposite; your lasers and various other weapons calibrate to the drop, the bass, the snares and overall rhythm of the song, and it's up to you to lock the enemy in your crosshairs at the right point in the song.  

Each level features varying scenery as well as a different track from dubstep greats like Celldweller, NGHTMRE, and Varien (Full list below), so each time you level up you get a new tune to destroy things with... YES! 

So what's the actual gameplay like you are probably asking yourself?

DubWars has got some of that Anime slickness that we love.

DubWars has got some of that Anime slickness that we love.

You maneuver a sea turtle-like spacecraft through a surreal-looking universe using the rhythm of the song as your weapons guide. 

Deploy your catlike reflexes to avoid oncoming baddies and laser fire, all while moving into striking position in time to the beat. Each time the bass hits your firepower gets significantly stronger - and the more things you destroy, the bigger the impact of the lasers, firebombs, wave blasts, etc. 

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DubWars takes a little getting used to, but you can get the hang of it pretty quickly for the most part. However, those with zero musical abilities might get snuffed out a little faster than those that DJ or are more familiar with the irregular timing of dubstep beats. 

You can grab a copy of DubWars for $6.99 until September 5th! 

Dubwars Artists / Tracks

Omni - Urban Metaphor 

Dubsective - Synergy 

Spock - Break It Up 

Minecraft Universe - Eclipse 

Celldweller - Tough Guy (Tim Ismag Remix) 

Varien - Metalworks 

Minesweepa - Leviathan 

Totally Sick - Distorted 

Summer School - Choose Your Weapon 


James Egbert - Menu Music

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