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Eddie Gold on Imagine Festival, 6 Feathers, and "No Hate"

Imagine Festival's main stage will host Eddie Gold this year
Eddie Gold 6 Feathers Imagine Festival

Eddie Gold's all about Atlanta, and the city's electronic music scene appears eager to reciprocate. The hometown hero has made a name for himself after a recent barrage of bass-heavy releases, and as a result, he will perform on the main stage at this year's edition of Imagine Music Festival.

Before July came to a close, Gold uploaded "Earth Spell" to his SoundCloud account. The hyphy, main stage-friendly production counterbalances his other songs, which derive more of their influence from trap.

In anticipation of his set at the 2016 edition of Imagine Festival, which will take place from August 26th-27th at the Atlanta Motor Speedway, Eddie Gold talked to Magnetic Magazine about his music career thus far. After seeing what he had to say, make sure to enter our contest for a chance to win free tickets to the festival.

Imagine Festival is kind of a pivotal event for Atlanta. How much do you find that your lifestyle changes during the part of the year when you gear up for it?

Eddie Gold: I find myself digging deeper for music that's not out yet. I don't want to play music that's been heard when I take the main stage this year. I have never been into the top 10 at Beatport, or playing whats popular. I want to play music the masses have not heard yet in order to keep it fresh and exciting. Also, studio time is hectic leading up to it; I'd say about 50% of my set this year will be all-original music and remixes.

In addition to "Earth Spell," you also recently put out "No Hate." Tell me about what inspired you over the course of the creative process for that track.

Eddie Gold: The world seems to be full of hate right now. It felt right to drop something with a positive message. Something everyone can relate to. The world needs more love. I feel its our jobs as music producers to guide people with the music. If a positive message is played over and over something might stick and maybe that day I helped the world be a better place.

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You've got a clothing sponsorship with the clothing label 6 Feathers, which seems more like something that an athlete would typically do than a DJ. How did that partnership come about ? 

Eddie Gold: 6 Feathers is an Atlanta-based company that sponsors rappers, skateboarders, artists, music producers - basically anyone involved in EDM scene here knows about us. My roommate Andy Oliver and Scott Freeze own the company. When they started it, the first thing they did was reach out to Armanni Reign, Midnite Panda, Vandal Rose, Sunday Service and myself. As artists we have reach so it made sense for them to sponsor us and get the brand out in the public's eye. It blew up in less than a year. You can't go outside in Atlanta without seeing 6 Feathers.

Your sponsorship with FreakStep Records seems a little more par for the course. Are you just signed to the label, or is your relationship more involved than that? 

Eddie Gold: Really, I put out one record with them with no sign-on or strings attached. I now just work for myself and drop my own content without labels... Nothing against record labels. I just like to be in complete control of when my music is dropped and how I do things. Being on a label you don't get that freedom.

How do you feel about TomorrowWorld not returning in 2016? I know that playing the festival was one of your career highlights.

Eddie Gold: Three words: Imagine Music Festival! When I take the main stage this year, this will be the biggest highlight of my career and I owe it all to [IRIS Promotions Founders] Glenn and Madeleine Goodhand. Without them I don't know where I would be. They have helped me grow every step of the way, and what they are doing for the ATLANTA music scene is completely remarkable.

Do you have an artist album or any other big projects in the works for the remainder of 2016?

Eddie Gold: Yes, I am working on dropping my first EP by the fall. I also have a bunch of singles and remixes on the way as well! Really excited about the next 10 years!

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