Publish date: Owners Allegedly Embroiled in Legal Dispute

A former curator of one of the EDM Network's properties has spoken out logo

DISCLOSURE: The author of this article was previously employed by the EDM Network from late 2014 to early 2015, but had limited interaction with any of the company's ownership and none whatsoever with Jason Muir.

One or more of the owners of the EDM Network is filing a lawsuit against another, Jason Muir, according to sources close to the company. The Colorado-based LLC owns and operates the website as well as the label Good Game Records and numerous SoundCloud channels.

On Saturday, Michael Abernathy (who DJs under the stage name Nappy) made the following Facebook post:

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Michael Abernathy Facebook Post Jason Muir

As he alluded to in his post, this isn't the first time Abernathy has publicly criticized the EDM Network. Back in 2014, he wrote a piece for Complex in which he leaked private emails in an attempt to out the company for "payola" as well as citing his own experiences while participating in the launch of one of the Network's present assets, TrapMusic.Net.

A handful of individuals close to the company's owners have confirmed that legal action is being taken against Muir, and that official legal documents will be filed roughly two months down the road. While the EDM Network's owners have publicly addressed the leaked emails during conversations with Magnetic Magazine in the past, however, none of them have been available for comment in regards to the legal dispute as of this writing.

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