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An EMT Speaks Out on HARD Summer's Medical Staff Oversights

"I've never seen worse planning than this"
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By now, word of HARD Summer's fatalities has reached far and wide. The two-day festival took place at the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, California and claimed the lives of three attendees - prompting a medical professional to take it upon themselves to address why that might have been the case.

On Reddit, one of the EMTs who provided medical services for this year's edition of EDC Las Vegas and attended HARD Summer last weekend posted the following:

Man, that was bad. Last year I was a massive fan of the venue and lineup, and had a ton of fun. This year, not so much. The layout was absolutely awful, and the medical staff didn't seem to be on par with what was needed. Let me put things into perspective about what EDC did versus what hard did medical wise:

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All medics and EMTs carried a jump bag with supplies, and drugs. For instance, a drug called Versed can stop seizures (something that I saw quite often this weekend). NONE of the staff walking around had any drug boxes on them, as told to me by one of the medics who assessed a friend of mine. Also, at EDC we had 3 medical tents: Main medical, right medical, and left medical. Each place, had IV supplies, TONS of bags of fluid for us to give IVs and drugs, and other necessities. I would have people walk in to me, I would give them an IV, they feel better, and walk out and go enjoy the show. HARD ONLY had supplies at main medical, making the other medical tents virtually useless.

I usually don't bitch about things like this, but I've never seen worse planning than this, and it frustrates me, especially since a lot of these heat related illnesses and sicknesses could have been avoided.

The EMT also responded to numerous comments in the thread that followed. Among the more interesting anecdotes is one suggesting that Kenani Kaimuloa, the sole fatality resulting from this year's edition of EDC Las Vegas, had taken an ecstasy pill that contained between 500-700mg of MDMA causing her body to reach a temperature of 110° Fahrenheit.

The San Bernardino County Coroner's Office still has yet release names, causes of death, or any other information regarding the three deceased HARD Summer attendees.

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