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Exclusive Premiere: "Break The Monotony (Kate Simko Remix)" - Smash TV

Kate Simko graces the Culprit imprint with a masterclass in house music
Kate Simko

One of L.A.'s most well-respected labels, Culprit has just surpassed seven years of age - and some of the best in the business have had their big moment on the label. Kate Simko, on the other hand, makes her debut on the imprint with a garage-influenced remix of Smash TV's "Break The Monotony."

Magnetic Magazine is pleased to present this exclusive premiere from the Chicago-born, London-based producer who exercises her expertise on the remix by applying a whip-like rhythm accented with stabs of melody that make incisions in all the right places. Smash TV's Break the Monotony EP will be available on August 26th through Culprit, and Simko's remix will be one of the five tracks on the effort.

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