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Editor's Letter from the Desk of John Cameron

A preview of what's in store for Magnetic Magazine
John Cameron head shot editorial director

Dear Magnetic Magazine readers,

My name is John Cameron, and it is my privilege to announce that as of this week I’ve been appointed editorial director and general manager of Magnetic Magazine.

In the short time that I’ve been involved with the publication, I’ve found myself thoroughly impressed not only with the expertise of our writers, but also the sophistication and discerning sensibility of our core readership base. The evolved attitudes exhibited by our wide array of supporters certainly speaks to the integrity of a brand that our founder, David Ireland, conceived of five years ago.

Let me start my first editor’s note by saying that I’m excited and humbled by the opportunity to uphold this integrity as I coordinate our coverage moving forward.

To give you an idea of my own background, I’ve been writing and editing for entertainment publications in a professional capacity since 2010, and from 2013 forward I’ve almost exclusively covered electronic music and the culture surrounding it. This year has afforded me the most exciting opportunities of my career to date; publishing longform expository journalism pieces like my SFX/Beatport and Coachella hiring fraud exposés has assigned greater personal meaning to my ongoing body of work.

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While I certainly intend to incorporate elements of that more proactive style of journalism into Magnetic Magazine’s company culture, I don’t want to stray too far from our primary mission of bringing quality electronic music to new listeners. While we started off our week breaking some of the more tragic developments that unfolded during this year’s edition of HARD Summer, for instance, we’re also proud to exclusively premiere new music from Luttrell of The M Machine and Suara label head Coyu. Moving forward, we will also expand our publication’s subject matter to include the broader lifestyle surrounding dance culture as well as other tangential facets of the entertainment world.

One thing that I can personally guarantee is that the quality of Magnetic Magazine’s content will dramatically improve moving forward as closer attention will be paid to fact checking and conventions. I’ve always maintained that the last people a publication should alienate are those who actually read, and consistently adhering to a higher standard will be instrumental in further establishing us as a worldwide authority on electronic music.

David and I are quite excited to see what the future holds for Magnetic Magazine. So far, 2016 has been characterized by a convergence of tectonic shifts in the electronic music landscape, and we look forward to helping you navigate what changes may shape the scene in the years to follow.


John Cameron signature

John Cameron

Magnetic Magazine | Editorial Director and General Manager

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