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Human Movement Go Deeper to Evolve Their Sound [Interview]

We link up with Human Movement to learn more about the vision behind their music
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As one of Australia's most exciting new projects to surface in recent years, Human Movement are quickly becoming trendsetters in the scene. Consisting of Edward MacDonald and Blake Gilray, the duo are true purveyors of a deep and emotive side to dance music, focusing on low frequencies that infectiously captivate the listener. For house and techno, this isn't quite the norm, but Human Movement is setting the tone for the future of their sound and they are still finding new ways to be innovative.

With their Subcity EP, which was recently released as a free download, Human Movement seem to be maturing right before our eyes. Their previous releases possessed a bigger, more saturated sound, while their new music is stripped back, focusing on developing a unique groove with hypnotic elements. It's interesting to see artists change their style in such a way, but for Human Movement it's all about fueling their creative passion, no matter what style of music.

We caught up with the duo in order to learn more about the vision behind their sound, and to get their thoughts on various aspects of dance music culture. Look for much more from these guys in the near future, as they hint at their next release coming in October and share that a full length album is on the horizon.

What have you guys been up to lately? Any memorable gigs you can reminisce about?

We just got back from Byron Bay for Splendour In The Grass. We played a few shows up there, one of them being at the festival. The set was so fun especially playing to that many people. It was a thrill to have the opportunity to play originals and the songs we're vibing at the moment to such a large audience.

Your music possesses a distinctly deep motif, what draws you to the low frequencies when producing a track?

I think it's because we've been exposed to dance music since our early teens and whenever we've listened to house or techno on a big system, it's the 20hz to 500 hz that has always had a lasting impact on a song and made it memorable. So we feel this low end frequency range is so important when making our music if we want to get those eargasms.

What do you hope listeners take away from your music? Is there ever a message you wish to convey?

There is always a conversation between hi-hats if you listen close enough.

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Your recent Subcity EP seems to showcase two side to your persona. What was the vision behind that release?

The idea of this release was to move ourselves away from our previous release, the Dancing Room EP, and try to cement our footing in the tech scene. We focused more on the grooves of the tracks and subtle changes throughout the songs. If you compare the two EP's you'll find that commercial element isn't in the Subcity EP.

How do you think your sound profile fits into the ever evolving dance music landscape?

Our sound is constantly progressing, you can hear that in the difference between our 2 EPs, but we don't think we are narrowing it down to one certain kind of sound. Thats a risky thing to do in our opinion. We are just experimenting with new things within that house and techno avenue.

Fans seem to be searching for deeper and techy dance music even more these days. What are your thoughts on the current trends in dance music?

There's always a sub genre within dance music that's going to have it's shelf life, but fade out after 6 months to 2 years. But we have also found that for genres like house and techno the fans are always there and don't move onto the next thing, it's like the final stepping stone. These sub genres like bass house or deep house are what we think leads them to that final stepping stone.

If you had to choose, would you rather perform in a club, at a festival, or in a warehouse? And why?

After doing all 3 we think a warehouse performance is the best. It takes the best parts from a club and a festival and meshes them together to become this amazing event. The intimacy of a club but the freedom of a festival.

What can we look forward to from you in the future?

We have a more disco orientated release coming out around October. And then after that i think an album release is the next big thing for us so we will be studio bound for the next 6 months.

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