The Identities of All Three HARD Summer Fatalities have been Disclosed

The San Bernardino Sherriff's Department has issued a statement.
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Following news from earlier today that three of the 147,000 in attendance at HARD Summer died, the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department has issued a statement revealing each of their identities. Their names are Derek Lee, Alyssa Dominguez, and Roxanne Ngo.

Lee and Dominguez were 22 years old and 21 years old, respectively, and both declared dead on Sunday. Ngo was 22 years old, and was pronounced dead on Monday. 

All were transported to different hospitals in the vicinity of the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, California, where the festival took place. The causes of death for each of the three HARD Summer attendees will not be determined until toxicology reports come back to the San Bernardino County Coroner, which could take months.

We previously posted an article about Dominguez' suspected death after the rumors about the Instagram celebrity began to circulate on social media. An eyewitness who spoke to the Los Angeles Times said that the emergency medical staff who attempted to rescue Dominguez by performing CPR did not appear properly trained, saying, "He was doing it completely incorrectly.”

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Rumored HARD Summer Death Alyssa Kaiulani

Alyssa Dominguez' death became public knowledge after rumors spread on social media.

The testimony further reinforced assertions made by an EMT who worked at EDC Las Vegas and attended HARD Summer. "The layout was absolutely awful, and the medical staff didn't seem to be on par with what was needed," they had said.

HARD Summer's organizers were forced to relocate the festival from the Fairplex in Pomona to the Speedway after falling under the scrutiny of local lawmakers for the deaths of two attendees during the 2015 edition. In addition, a subsequent HARD event at the Fairplex was cancelled, and HARD Day of the Dead was forced to abide by added age and capacity restrictions.

Shortly before this year's installment of the festival, the parents of those who passed away after attending last year's edition had also filed a lawsuit against Live Nation Entertainment Inc., Los Angeles County, the Los Angeles County Fair Association, security agency Staff Pro Inc. and the city of Pomona, California. Their allegations include wrongful death, negligence, premises liability and public nuisance.

Whether HARD founder Gary Richards stands a chance of seeing his flagship festival continue into 2017 is as dubious as ever. However, it's safe to say that if HARD Summer does survive the public backlash that will ensue after last weekend, it will take a dramatically different form.

HARD has carried on and seems to have found a way to move past these issues. Gary Richards left the company to join Livestyle in 2017.

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