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[Interview] Colour Vision Shares His Story & A Guest Mix

Colour Vision shares his story and valuable industry insights with us here at Magnetic Mag

Hot off of a 5 hour set at Panorama Fest (Goldenvoice's East American version of Coachella), Colour Vision took the time to sit down with Magnetic Mag and discuss his how he got into the scene, spreading feel-good vibes, fostering a community of artists and creatives, and starting a year-round pool party circuit. Having just been announced as one of the artists that will grace San Diego's CRSSD Fest main stage in October, and his upcoming Endless Summer tour taking on Mexico in September and Australia National Tour in October, Colour Vision never wants the parties to end. 

Check Colour Visions Guest Mix for Magnetic here:

Read what he had to say below:

I started DJing because I was going down to LA and TJ (Tijuana) before I was 21 to listen to dance music. I was really into it so I started throwing my own events, because I hated driving such long distances from North County. I ended up throwing a couple warehouse parties and DJing them myself. I was trying to find DJs and just hated all of it so I ended up just doing it myself off my iPod. That kind of graduated to me taking tax money and buying gear from guitar center, and people didn’t understand the music I was trying to play so I was trying to educate them. 

Becoming more professional

I then started a blog, it was called Colour Vision at the time. It was a North County, San Diego, based thing and I started interviewing all these DJs that I really liked and kind of getting their insight. Eventually they invited me out to come meet them and play with them. So my first show ever was at Beauty Bar. I played and Vice Media was there at the time, and it was just so cool, it lead to kind of a natural progression into dance music and I ended up doing it ever since.

In San Diego I was working on tunes, trying to do edits and stuff, and eventually I kind of quite the whole blog thing to focus on music. A couple years later I came back to it and tried to figure out how to create something that can last for a long period of time, where I didn’t have to continually hit up younger kids that didn’t understand the concept of the music I was making at other blogs. Kind of being an artist and having to reach out to people. So it was really DIY on my end. I created the Paradise ULTD. brand and started throwing shows, pretty much the same stuff I was doing anyways. I’m a graphic designer so I would make the events flyers and produce the music, book artists, work with agents, and really developed the brand to the point where we are now. 

Building the brand

We always wanted to launch the label part of it, release the music, and create a platform that can help other artists like me. Kind of like be that helping-hand and explain how things work in the industry. Connecting the dots between managers and promoters and kind of opening up the dance scene to a point where it isn’t so closed off. That’s what the whole Paradise Ultd. thing is about, it’s about that umbrella brand of meeting new people and expanding. It really focused on binary crew, like Goldroom or OG tropical guys like Tensnake that really inspired me to go into the direction that I’m headed in now, which is a sort of tropical nu disco sound. 

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Right now it’s really getting to the point where people like Kygo came out, with sort of big room tropical music, and all the old guys wanted to totally disassociate themselves with the genre. Which has really left a whole gap where these kids changed the music they were making because they decided it wasn’t cool anymore. So it’s kind of like a portal now to help bring back some of the sounds I was into in like 2009/2010. A lot of the Aussie disco, Cut Copy influenced stuff. That was my favorite kind of music, it really blended the lines between indie dance rock and electronic stuff. That was like 'the' Daft Punk, to me, of the time. I still play all those songs too. 

The sound catching on

To me it’s like keeping on that path and trying to force people onto it to. It’s really working well too, like I get people that make demos specifically for Paradise Ultd. now. I even kept it a secret at first that I was involved. I was kind of like “oh you should check out this blog, and submit demos to it,” and it kind of happened organically and grew, and it’s really cool because we get demos just for the blog. It’s kind of creating that platform and that voice for all these people that our tastes align. It’s cool because my Colour Vision stuff is kind of breaking the gap, and I'm working with more mainstream artists, and becoming more popular, which is awesome to see the trickle-down effect of that with the Paradise Ultd. stuff. I am using whatever kind of attention that comes to me to help push the other artists on the label and our general sound. It’s been really fun so far.

The brand aligns visually, because I’m a designer, it’s important to me for it to look the way it sounds and sound the way it should feel in the right environment. That’s why pool side parties are kind of a perfect fit because I grew up in San Diego and dig that laid-back vibe in general.

Bringing the party to Australia

That’s kind of like Sydney, Australia, it’s got a really great beach town vibe, like the San Diego of Australia. So a lot of the music I release here is hitting really well over there. It’s kind of nice to try to bridge the two countries together and finding artists there that are there and trying to spread their music over here, and finding LA artists that are trying to blow up as well.

On his future move to Australia and his lined up residency at the Marco Polo Pool Party in Sydney

It’s really like a project to bridge and meet a whole new market out there. Everything I’m doing in LA right now is kind of ramping things up and creating a prototype vibe for what I want to do in the next year or two. Which is bring the parties, the artists, and the sounds over to Sydney, and also bring their artists back here. It’s really great because the summers are kind of off-set, so when the summer ends here we can go there and when the summer ends there we can come back here. To me I see this perfect opportunity to create this year long pool party vibe. It’s really focused around the fact that I kind of want to just pool party all day all year round.

On how the brands have grown

But yeah it’s become something that’s way beyond me running the blog back in the day. It's creating its own energy now, and it’s grown to my managers now helping with A&R I feel like it’s not even mine anymore. It feels like I'm working with a cool brand, and sometimes I’ll take a step back after we do something big and I’m like “fuck that’s really cool.” I don’t sleep a lot because we do a lot of cool stuff and honestly if that’s what it takes then I hope I don’t sleep for the next couple years. Everyone is so excited about it and it has such a positive vibe to it. From the music to the people working and it’s connecting all these positive and like-minded people that are all gravitating to it. A lot of people have gone through a lot of hard times in their life, and they associate with the feel good sounds because it is some sort of therapy for them. It’s refreshing. Instead of dwelling on any sort of anger or something, it really has multiple layers. It’s fun, and it’s something that I’m going to keep pursuing and growing. Right now everything is really exciting, it’s fun to hit all these goals that we’ve set, like officially breaking in the label, and we are doing full events. We've even partnered with Goldenvoice recently to start promoting shows and hopefully throwing shows with them. It’s fun and exciting to see where it’s going with everything and Australia, and see where I can take it. 

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