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Hailing from Paris, Jean Tonique is not a newcomer to Magnetic Magazine as he as already graced our Indie Dance Charts once before. His most recent release, the Lit Up EP, consists of two funky nu-disco tracks guaranteed to make your feet move. 

Have a listen to the title track, "Lit Up" ft. Dirty Radio, and "Fallen" below:

The EP has been released on Yuksek's independent label, Partyfine, which has been a recommended favorite of Magnetic Magazine for some time now. In regards to his label, Yuksek has said:

"I created Partyfine three years ago so I could release the music I liked, in the wide range of electronic music, whether you can dance to it or not. My studio is at the core of the label; it’s where most of the tracks we release are produced or written. The benefit of an independent label like mine is to be able to release music quickly after its creation, to be totally flexible in the way to produce or spread music."

Partyfine Logo Magnetic

The label was born from a desire to participate in every aspect of the artistic process - from recording, mixing, mastering and distribution - all from the hub of Yuksek’s studio in Reims, France. Without adhering to any particular style, one of Partyfine’s main objectives is to present Yuksek’s diverse musical tastes; from disco to electro, indie to club. Above all, Partyfine was born to bring together a family of talented musicians who can collaborate together around a defined concept using their own backgrounds and ideas, to release great music and throw down some serious parties.

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On the topic of Partyfine, Jean Tonique made a comment of his own:

"I've been listening to Yuksek's music for a very long time, before I even started to produce, so it means a lot to release my music on Partyfine. I really like the eclecticism of the label - but somehow you can always find something that connects every song released on it."

To get an idea of how Partyfine holds up the funkier end of the dance music spectrum, watch the video for "Sweet Addicition" in the following player:

Earlier this month, Tonique dropped a remix of "Sweet Addiction" that put a rougher and tougher electro spin on the track. The remix has an old school sensibility woven in the grooves, deriving heavy influence from the likes of the bass-bumping Zapp & Roger

If you dig tracks by Partyfine artists and are on the prow for more funky music, be sure to check out some of Magnetic's timeless dance charts from weeks past. Before you do, though, listen to Jean Tonique's Lit Up EP and let us know what you think of the effort by sounding off in the comments section.

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