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Kanye West Confirms Album with Drake at OVO Fest

Drake accompanied Kanye West onstage at OVO Fest
Kanye West (photo by Rodrigo Ferrari)

Kanye West (photo by Rodrigo Ferrari)

Kanye West may appear to be mentally unraveling as of late, but by the looks of things he's still got the support of some heavy hitters. He recently advocated for Drake in a Twitter rant about Apple's proposed acquisition of music streaming service Tidal, and now it appears that he's got more invested in the Canadian rapper's distribution deals than we initially thought.

West brought Drake onstage during his performance at the 2016 edition of OVO Fest, a Toronto festival which is hosted by the latter artist. In between songs, he asked the audience if they were ready for "this album," which elicited roaring applause.

As the DJ began to cue up "Father Stretch My Hands" off of his recent album Life of Pablo, West said over the mic, "Stop, stop, stop. I'm not talking about Pablo. I'm not talking about VIEWS. I'm talking about this album," at which point Drake entered the stage.

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Being that hip-hop artists have a tendency to announce albums that they never finish - particularly when they've already announced one or more in the same year - news of West teasing a joint effort with Drake has been met with speculation from much of his fan base. Nonetheless, the prospect of a full-length album between Kanye West and Drake has given many cause for excitement.

Neither Kanye West nor Drake have mentioned a title, release date or any other information for their upcoming album.

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