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Listen: deadmau5 Remix of the Stranger Things Theme Song

Not one of deadmau5' more memorable reworks, if we're honest

When you're as influential as deadmau5, every little work in progress you tease out to the public sends ripples - but that doesn't necessarily mean that all are so deserving. The progressive house mastermind has shared a remix of the Stranger Things theme song that doesn't add much of anything new to the equation.

Don't get us wrong - deadmau5 created the remix more or less on the spot with analogue equipment during a three-hour live stream, and it bears a striking resemblance to the original. It's not lousy by any means; really, we just wonder how much free time a fan would have to have in order to rip it from the video file and upload it to YouTube.

It just goes to show that deadmau5 fans are so antsy for the release of his upcoming album that they're looking for any scraps that might tide them over in the meantime. In regards to the effort, the producer still has yet to reveal a title, release date or official track list.

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