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Listen to Sasha's "Track 10" Ahead of its Release

The elusive progressive house legend tested out a transcendental new cut on BBC Radio 1
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It was only last year that Sasha started putting out new music again - and at that, his releases have been notoriously sparse. For that reason, when he debuts something like "Track 10" the whole electronic music world is bound to stand at attention.

The song comes out through Sasha's own Last Night On Earth imprint on September 23rd, but Pete Tong capped off last Friday's edition of BBC Radio 1. "This is something special that Sasha gave me a few weeks ago," Tong said on the air. "He's been playing it at all of the shows as a bit of a secret weapon."

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As with "Pontiac," which Sasha released from two months ago, "Track 10" makes for a more accessible iteration of proper progressive house than songs like last year's "Ether." A heavenly female vocal refrain is carried on the shoulders of a pillowy synth lead for the duration, with little of the conceptual dissonance that characterizes much of what the progressive house icon puts out.

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Next month also marks a much more significant mile marker in Sasha's career, as he will play his first set alongside John Digweed billed as "Sasha and Digweed" since 2010. The duo had become all but synonymous with progressive house for their legendary back-to-back sets at London nightclub Renaissance during the genre's late '90s heyday.

Until footage emerges from their performance at The Social Festival in England on September 9th - which it invariably will - listen to the above preview clip of Sasha's "Track 10." To hear the song in its entirety in last week's BBC Radio 1 debut, click here.

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