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Music Video for NGHTMRE and Flux Pavilion's "Feel Your Love" Pulled After Creator Accused of Theft

The video has been filed firmly under "not a good look for anyone"

NGHTMRE and Flux Pavilion's "Feel Your Love" was one of bass music's more highly anticipated 2016 collaborations, but many fans may have to wait a bit longer for an official music video to come out than they originally thought. Rodney Lief, the visual artist behind song's original music video, has been accused of stealing others' original content during his own creative process.

The video had been uploaded to YouTube, but has since been removed. In a post to her Facebook page, visual artist kyttenjanae accused Lief of appropriating her own material as well as that of the artists “Kidmograph, Hexeosis, Pi-Slices, Zolloc,Popsicle Illusion, Falcão Lucas, and more.” 

Lief, who has also edited video for the likes of Diplo and Steve Aoki in addition to performing product marketing consultation for Twitter and Vine, sent kyttenjanae the following email:

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“Just letting you know I do these videos for fun, there was no money exchanged for the Feel Your Love video.    

The label was aware that I would be sampling/editing a collection of content from all over.   

I don’t want to not create these edits, as my end product is always something entirely new than just a single piece of content sampled & it’s just something I really enjoy doing.  

I’m currently working on a website/portfolio to house my edits, where I’ll be able to feature each video along with full attribution/link to the many pieces I sampled & the artists that produced them.”

The music video for "Feel Your Love" had been online for over 24 hours before it was taken down from the Circus Records YouTube account, which suggests that if had the label indeed been aware of Lief's use of others' intellectual property, they were under the impression that he'd gained more permission than he apparently did.

In response to the accusations, Lief and Flux Pavilion himself tweeted the following:

Before taking it down altogether, Circus Records had simply updated the video description to credit the artists whose work appeared in it. In the time since, however, kyttenjanae also took down her Facebook post - which suggests that all parties involved have come to some sort of resolution.

Magnetic Magazine has reached out to Lief for comment, but he has not responded as of this writing.

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