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Op-Ed: Festival Fatalities: It's Time To Take Responsibility For YOUR Actions

Simply playing it safe can save your life. Why aren't you doing it then?
Here's "The Molly", An Anti-Drug P.S.A. For Electric Zoo 2014

Here's "The Molly", An Anti-Drug P.S.A. For Electric Zoo 2014

Another festival and another cluster of fatalities, it's terrible news to start your week off with, and heartbreaking to the people immediately affected by it. 

What the hell is going on? Why has it gotten to the point that we anticipate deaths at almost every festival? 

I'm not going to go on a rampage about how drugs are bad, and you shouldn't do them. That's not the point here; the point is to take a deep look inward and think about the risk versus the reward, and to take responsibility for your actions. 

I will use this example to illustrate my point: If I sat a glass of water down in front of you and said that there was a .001% chance that the water could be toxic and kill you instantly, chances are you would pass on that glass of water. Probably 100% of you would pass on it; it's a logical decision. 

So why is it that so many party goers will ingest a substance obtained from a stranger without having any idea what it contains and consume it in doses that are 2-3 times the normal amount? You would pass on the water, but you'll take something that has a much higher chance of harming you? Think about that for a minute. 

Music culture and substances (both controlled and uncontrolled) have always gone hand in hand; that's just the nature of it all. What's more disturbing is the amount of highly toxic controlled substances that are circulating these days and people's willingness to ingest them. 

There was a clever Canadian ad that came out a while back that illustrates this trend in bathtub concoctions 

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The fact is that there is a lot of sketchy stuff floating around, and many party people are not asking questions, just popping them down and hoping it's cool.

The minute you put that pill in your mouth and into your stomach, you take on the responsibility of your actions like it or not. You are piloting your body, and when your body does stupid shit, it is you, your friends and your loved ones that pay the consequences. 

What's shitty is that a lot of that blame that should fall on you gets spread around, to the "evil" scene and the "evil" promoters and the "evil" music. Your bad decisions are like aftershocks, taking down everything around you because you weren't able to make a very simple decision and play it safe. 

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If you are over 18 you are a legal adult, and chances are you have graduated from high school and should be competent enough to make a rational decision. Why the fuck aren't you, then? Ask yourself that question over and over and over. 

This behavior has reached a level of insanity with no end in sight, save for crippling regulation on the parties you love so much that will end the scene altogether if it keeps on happening.


Airing Tonight: MTV True Life "I'm Hooked On Molly"

MTV True Life "I'm Hooked On Molly"

If you are going to partake in partying, use common sense! 

1. Don't take things from people you don't know or purchase things from strangers. This lesson is what you were taught when you were about five years old. "Stranger Danger," don't forget it. 

2. Don't take multiple doses; you wouldn't take an extra five shots of Nyquil, would you? Why would you do it with something far more toxic?

3. If you do partake, test your product or at least make sure that it's from a good source. Drug dealers don't care if you die, you are a paycheck to them. Remember, they are drug dealers, not your friends.

4. If it's hot out, it's best to skip it. MDMA (and it's skanky derivatives masquerading as MDMA) raise your body temperature. If you are in the 90-degree heat you are going to overheat naturally. If your temperature goes over 104, you are in danger of massive organ failure and death. 

5. Medics are not your backup plan. They are the last ditch resort, not a safety net. 

6. Drink fluids, hang out with your friends and monitor each other - and TRY to have a sober friend in the mix. 

You shouldn't be dying at parties! Drugs have been around a long time; this is a modern-day problem that is easily solved, and it starts with YOU. This article is not meant to be insensitive to people that have lost their lives; sometimes bad things happen to people that are being safe but most of the time it's irresponsibility and poor decisions that end people's lives prematurely.

No one wants to see another death that was preventable. It sends shockwaves through communities and families all over something that was supposed to be life affirming in the first place - not a death sentence. 


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