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Amidst Monterey pines, cypresses, and even a few eucalyptuses too, the party is very clearly going down in San Francisco’s Golden Gate park this weekend at Outside Lands

LCD Soundsystem, Radiohead and Lionel Richie headline a consistently well-rounded three-day festival billing that features the best and brightest of electronic music, indie rock, hip-hop, and more on the summer 2016 festival circuit.

So, if you have your wristband already on your right wrist, then you are rearing to go tomorrow. To get you even more amped, and help you with any last-minute planning, here is Magnetic Magazine's suggestions of the good and great decisions you should make this weekend at Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival 2016.

Photo Credit: Andrew Jorgenson

Photo Credit: Andrew Jorgenson

Always a good decision: Resolve your schedule conflicts early.

Now, one of the better qualities of Outside Lands is that you don’t need to be spazzing out hurrying all over the place like some festivals earlier in the season… You may need to walk long distances, but the Outside Land’s schedule guru definitely worked this into the plan. Even though you don’t need to zip all over the place, you still are going to need to come terms with the compromises inevitable schedule conflicts are going to make.

On Friday, you need to sit down and have a deep think on how you will handle the LCD Soundsystem, Beach House, and J. Cole conflict. Personally, I’ll be getting down with James Murphy and company. Saturday, the conflicts seem to be aplenty: Years & Years vs. Vince Staples, an overlapping Big Grams and the Last Shadow Puppets, and Air vs. Sufjan Stevens. Finally, Sunday will you Lana Del Rey or Lionel? Major Lazer or Miguel?

So, it’s a tough decision when you come against a conflict, but like we said, it’s a good decision to resolve them today before you’re in the thick of it making game time moves.

Photo Credit: Andrew Jorgenson

Phot Credit: Andrew Jorgenson

The Top 3 Great Acts You Need to See!

LCD Soundsystem is back, and although they are everywhere, these dudes know how to put on a show with substance and style. This is a great act that is shining brightly back in the mix, not really phoning it in like when Outkast made their return. 

James Murphy, the aforementioned lead singer of LCD Soundsystem, has a set of pipes on him that really sounds like excellence incarnate when heard in person. 

Also, the Golden Gate Park Polo Field is a great and spacious place to get down to for any dance party, and trust, there will be dancing at LCD Soundsystem.

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Radiohead’s A Moon Shape Pool is a contender for album of the year. Their legacy speaks for itself and they are the it band to see in 2016, and I don’t care what Kanye West will say about that proclamation. 

Thom Yorke’s dance moves may have terrified one of my friends many years ago, but Radiohead is sure to bring some great, delightfully spooky vibes to the park.

Chance the Rapper launched himself to superstardom this year with his album Coloring Book and his guest feature on another Chicago-born hip-hop star’s Life of Pablo

Lil Chano from 79th can rap and he can sing, and he fills all his music with something so much deeper; he’s got that soul! Come Sunday, get yourself to the Lands End main stage nice and early to see Chance’s greatness on display at 4:55.

Beer Lands and Wine Lands are definitely a good decision.

Now, first, drink responsibly, and second, drink with a refined palette this weekend. Outside Lands has one of the finest beer and wine offerings you can imagine, and it is no surprise their beverages are a cut above the rest - it is San Francisco, after all. Don’t just go to the nearest food stand to buy your standard run of the mill brew or wine juice, get over to Beer Lands or Wine Lands and try out the exquisite offerings.

Photo Credit: Andrew Jorgenson

Photo Credit: Andrew Jorgenson

Don’t miss out on the great food!

Finally, when you think music and arts festival, you don’t usually think food as a must try. Well, like I said before, it is San Francisco and San Francisco is a city that likes to eat! Outside Lands has brought together 79 delicious vendors to serve up some seriously tasty treats you can imagine from Ramen burgers to Donut Cheeseburgers to Lobster Rolls. Also, don’t miss out on the seafood because for anyone that prefers an otter’s diet, they have oysters too! Bring your appetite, and bring a great attitude, because both will be extremely necessary for all the dancing you are going to do at Outside Lands this weekend! You can check out the full food offering here.

Photo Credit: Andrew Jorgenson

Photo Credit: Andrew Jorgenson

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