Pioneer Announces PLX-500 Turntable for the Vinyl Enthusiast on a Budget

With vinyl turntables on the rise, the PLX-500 is sure to make a serious impact
Pioneer DJ PLX-500 Turntable

Vinyl, and the turntables that play them, are reaching a new level of craze. Recent reports show that CDJs are being out sold by vinyl players by quite a bit. This seems to be because users are buying turntables for casual listening more than DJing. 

Although that's not to say that DJs aren't doing the same. With demand on the rise, even companies like Technics have made a comeback, be it an expensive one. For affordable turntables you can go here to see a wide variety from a number of different companies. With all this being said, it was only a matter of time before industry leader Pioneer stepped in. 

Pioneer PLX500 black

The Pioneer PLX-500 K, ready for battle.

Introducing the Pioneer PLX-500, a new budget deck, and brother to the PLX-1000. What makes the 500 appealing is that it draws much of it's design from the 1000, including a direct drive. Also, and this is major, it comes with a line output, which means one doesn't need a powered amp or mixer to use it. 

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This is a huge benefit for those who aren't practicing their scratch routines, although the high-torque deck is more than up for the challenge. It also comes with a USB port, allowing you to connect it to Pioneer's Rekordbox music management system, which gives you the ability to record your favorite vinyl directly into your computer. 

Also, with the latest update for Rekordbox, it automatically detects the silence in between tracks, creating a new recording, and making it that much easier to create single tracks. 

pioneer plx500 white

The Pioneer PLX-500 W

The PLX-500 does have a distinct upper hand on the PLX-1000 however. While the 1000 only comes in a sleek black, the 500 comes in black, as well as white, allowing you to choose one that better suits your style and home decor. This is extremely exciting news. 

Gone may be the days when people would just put a record on, sit back, and really enjoy the music they loved, but with the new found love for vinyl, and Pioneer's recent reveal, it would appear the days of deep love for the wax are just around the corner. There is one downside, however, and that is this: With two great color choices, are you going to choose, the black or the white?

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