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Pokémon GO Remixed: These 7 Tracks Will Invade Your Ear Holes

...In a good way...
Pokemon Go Remixed Tracks

If you haven’t heard about or actually played Pokémon Go, then you certifiably must live under a rock.

Yes, admittedly, I am a Pokémon Go addict (level 26).  I’ve been trying to “catch them all” since the game’s launch in the beginning of July, and through the past few weeks I have enjoyed meeting and making many new friends collectively tasked with the quest of capturing Pokémon.

Many people will roll their eyes and scoff about anything Pokémon, but there can be no denying that this game has compelled so many, would be homebodies, to leave the confines of their houses, apartments, parent’s basements and/or their deeply butt-imprinted couches to actually go out in the world and play, without knowing that the byproduct would be human interaction!

Pokémon Go has become so gargantuanly popular that it has even spawned remixes of all sorts. Yes, remixes that you can actually dance to, while you scour the Santa Monica Pier or investigate the Long Beach Pike hoping to capture a Lapras, Gyarados, Dragonite or a legendary Mewtwo.

Check out this remix by Bomb Squad Records, where they cleverly sampled key sounds from the actual game and threw it all together to make a pretty catchy track:

Here’s another:

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...And another:

Here’s a hip hop track that was composed entirely of Pokémon cry samples:

...And for the love of trap music:

So, as you can see, Pokémon Go is shaping up to be much more than a passing “thing,” and who knows, one of these audible gems might pop up onstage at an upcoming massive or electronic music festival… The real question is this: Will you be able to catch them all?

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