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Porter Robinson and Madeon Talk "Shelter" in Triple J Interview

"A huge chunk of the song and my memory of it is influenced by that very good vibe"
Photo Credit: Drew Ressler.

Photo Credit: Drew Ressler.

Among the more highly anticipated 2016 collaborations was that of Porter Robinson and Madeon. The two electronic music superstars recently converged on the serenelely melodic "Shelter," and in a recent interview they've discussed how the song came together.

Early on in their interview with Australian radio station Triple J, Robinson talks about how Madeon's studio looked exactly the way he would have pictured: with a shrine dedicated to The Beatles and another to Daft Punk, apparently. He went on to say that the space was surrounded by bamboo trees, explaining, "A huge chunk of the song and my memory of it is influenced by that very good vibe."

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In regards to his releases, Madeon went on to explain that he favors the sort of musical endeavor "that isn't expected, that you can consume immediately, that isn’t drowned out in some extensive marketing campaign that overshadows a little of the substance.”

Most excitingly, Madeon revealed that the two were planning to perform together as well. "We’re gonna play together live on stage," he said. "We’re gonna play a combination of all our music.”

After listening to the full interview above, you can hear "Shelter" by Madeon and Porter Robinson in the player below if you haven't already.

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