Ed Keeley A.K.A. Friction contemplating his next skank fest.

There's no point in me introducing you and Friction to one another here. You know the Shogun man - he comes, he leans, he conquers! 

Elevate Audio is Fricko's newly formed endeavor which is set to carve out niche drum and bass territory for hugely high-energy tracks - those that might not sit completely flush with the Shogun side of life. This year's arrival of his four-track Dare EP signaled the beginnings of more quality drum and bass a-brewing, and his second release on the label is now ready to rain down on us all.

Today, we feature the B-side to the fresh track "Bring It Back" - B, in this case, standing for banger... bitchin'... (don't stop me, I'm on a roll) - bucking belter! He's been playing it out at Let It Roll in the mighty Czech and today we at Magnetic Magazine have the pleasure of bringing you the official online launch of dancefloor commander "Terabyte."

Without further ado...

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"‘Terabyte’ is a straight up, uncompromising dancefloor track that’s all about energy. Hope you all like!” 

Oh we don't like, Friction - we flipping well love.

The track was released on July 25th, which means no cooling of your jets is necessary....grab it, grab it now!

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