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Premiere: "Heathens" (Audio Remix) - Twenty One Pilots [RAM Records]

Audio plays puppet master on this bootleg remix from the "Suicide Squad" soundtrack - with a little help from Jared Leto
Polite, friendly Audio

Polite, friendly Audio

"Creatures," "Drop It Human" and "Shatterdome" are three standouts from Gareth Greenall A.K.A. Audio's latest EP, Beastmode, which was released this June. If you think you're starting to sniff out a theme... Well, three points for Gryffindor! 

Greenall is renowned for his aggressive and uncompromising approach to composition, and we think it's fair to say that "dark and ravenous" sums up this RAM Records lad and his particular breed of drum and bass.  In this case, it makes him the perfect puppet master to mix a track related to recent blockbuster Suicide Squad into an off-the-radar bootleg.

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Injecting drum and bass beneath the skin of "Heathens" (by US alt/indie pop duo, Twenty One Pilots), Audio ensures his version whips the whole thing up into a sinister frenzy. Keeping the chomping bass line and hard-hitting beat company throughout is Jared Leto laughing like a loon  - an appropriately awful (yet enjoyable) touch.

...And as if that wasn't all naughty enough... RAM have only gone and made it available as a free download via SoundCloud. No wonder Leto's laughing - we're pretty happy with that too!

"Drop It Human" and "Make It Happen" - download the above track now on SoundCloud.

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