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[Premiere] "I Found You" - North Base (AudioPorn)

Silver, Splice and Prophecy's latest steamer is forthcoming on AudioPorn
North Base

Pictured: Silver, Splice and Prophecy of North Base.

North Base are three uniquely dubbed Manc lads - DJ/producers Silver, Splice and Prophecy - with a whole lot of fingers in plenty of bowls of pudding! 

Since placing third place at The National Drum and Bass Awards in the category of "Best Breakthrough Producer" in 2012, there have been releases through the labels Hospital and Technique, team-ups with dudes like Trei (check out "What R U Doing") and an exclusive on the forthcoming Viper Summer Slammers. Hell, they've even got a Bieber bootleg to their name. So much in the mix!

Magnetic Magazine is delighted to serve you up their latest steamer: "I Found You."

The track features a mysterious vocalist who's identity must not be revealed (no, it's not bloody Voldemort) - so see if you can figure out who!** 

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Regarding "I Found You," Silver told us:

"We made this tune a while ago and the vocalist we used (not allowed to mention who he is as he is signed to a major now) smashed it out the park. We hope to be working with him again in the near future - the guy is so talented it's untrue! This one always goes down well when we play it out and the remixes from The Freestylers & Shimon are so good they make you want to ball out for the rewind.”

The aforementioned remixes are also part of the tidy August 19th "I Found Yourelease package. Who have they found for the vocal? Who knows! But us personally - we've found the next big trio to keep tabs on.

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**then can you please email because it is doing my head in.

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