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[Premiere] Luttrell - Away (Anjunadeep)

One half of The M Machine makes a spirited Anjunadeep debut

Magnetic Magazine is proud to premiere a more notable selection from the upcoming Anjunadeep Explorations 02 compilation album.

You might not expect one half of an OWSLA-signed electro house duo to kick his solo project off with a serene deep house cut like this. Be that as it may, Eric Luttrell has made his foray into house music's softer side official with "Away," which marks his inaugural Anjunadeep release.

Centered around the hypnotic, pitched-down vocal refrain for which the song is titled, "Away" is underscored by a bass line that has "sunrise set" written all over it. Falling in line with other Anjunadeep releases, the single features somewhat more contemporary synth work than much of the deep house making its rounds, as well as an uplift so gradual you scarcely even notice it.

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On the topic of "Away," Luttrell told us:

"With this first single, 'Away' - and even more so the Luttrell project as a whole - my goal is to create a musical equivalent to the hazy sunsets in my hometown, San Francisco. Like crisp, misty, fog-infused air that you can listen to! Hope this tune helps you groove out, breathe easy, and puts a smile on your face."

Luttrell of M Machine's Anjunadeep Debut, "Away"

The M Machine had started out as a trio consisting of Andy Coenen, Ben "Swardy" Swardlick, and Luttrell himself. In January of 2015 Coenen announced that he would step away from the project to further pursue an interest in programming and technology, leaving Swardlick and Luttrell to carry on as a duo.

Where The M Machine had amassed a substantial following for their distinctive, instantly recognizable take on the main stage formula, what Luttrell has delivered in the form of "Away" tests the waters of deep house in a noticeably more reserved manner. To be fair, though, it's only his debut release - and through Anjunadeep, at that - so deep house fans can likely expect him to explore the outer edges of the genre as his solo project comes into its own.

Luttrell's "Away" will be featured on Anjunadeep Explorations 02, which will also consist of tracks by Gacha Bakradze, Tontario, and Amateur Dance. The compilation is slated for official release this Friday, August 5th.

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