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[Premiere] "Sorry" - Crem'e (Alpha Pup Records)

This Crem'e single is a "rose that grew from concrete"
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Magnetic Magazine is all about pure, unadulterated artistry, which is why we're proud to exclusively premiere a piece of music that culminated from one Los Angeles producer's personal struggle. The subversive themes of "Sorry" by Crem'e may not be as overt as those of the dark, driving techno of the day, but in a way, that makes them all the more real.

The lower tempo and dissonant smattering of chords in "Sorry" creates an introspective ambience early on. Samples of what sound like wind chimes are underscored by a simple, stripped-down drum pattern in a manner that conveys coldly genuine emotion.

When asked to speak on the creative process behind "Sorry," Crem'e told us:

"'Sorry' is a brutally honest track. The title says it all. Not too much to say besides that I still get goosebumps listening to it because It literally pinpoints to how much of a wreck I was internally circa 2012. Aside from its minimal components and short loops, I think it's pretty tripped out. Some people think it's a real serene and lush song, which I can see, but they weren't feeling what I was feeling when I was making this. It's depressing. If it does something uplifting for the listener I will appreciate that dearly. As Shakur said decades ago, 'The rose that grew from concrete.'"

"Sorry" is but one of 17 songs that will appear on Close Up, which is slated for release through Alpha Pup Records on August 26th. The bulk of the album was inspired by the passing of Crem'e's mother, about which he's remarked, “It’s like getting rid of a scar and then feeling naked without it.”

After listening to Magnetic Magazine's exclusive premiere of "Sorry" by Crem'e, you can pre-order Close Up on both digital and vinyl formats by clicking here. The official tracklist for the effort is below: 

1. Passing Through

2. Tenniscoats

3. Sprouts

4. Keep On

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6. Exhale

7. Dani

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9. Dreamfare (Kristiana)

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12. Cause Of You

13. Searching (Trust)

14. Sorry

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