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Prepare for Splash House With This Perfect Playlist Curated by Landis LaPace

Get your groove on with this solid techno and tech-house playlist curated by Landis LaPace

Underground wunderkind Landis LaPace has stormed onto the scene these last few years. With an upcoming performance at the sold out August rendition of Splash House music festival in Palm Springs, Landis has curated a perfect playlist chock full of techno and tech-house goodies from Adam Beyer, Joseph Capriati, Audio Jack, and more. 

Listen to the playlist below, read why Landis LaPace chose the songs, and make sure to check out Splash House:

Follow this link for the whole playlist:

Landis LaPace Splash House Playlist

1. Loco & Jam - 'Walking Through Shadows'

These guys massacre it every time, that's all I gotta say.

2. Jaceo - 'Catfished'

This track is just a really solid groove, love the odd vocal or whatever it is on top of the beat.

3. Carl Cox & Yousef - 'I Want You(Forever) [Deadmau5 remix]'

A bit of an oldie but I don't care, Deadmau5 smashed this one out of the park.

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4. Audio Jack - 'Vibrate (feat. Kevin Knapp)'

I couldn't leave this tune out, it's an instant classic. The vocals are superb as well as the simple, but VERY effective, bass line.

5. Adam Beyer - 'The Crossing'

This is one of my absolute favorite techno tracks of all time. I find myself having to withhold from playing it every set because it just slams harder than shit, I will always love this song. Adam Beyer if you're reading this, I love you.

6. Paul Woodford - 'Erotic Discourse (Dense & Pika remix)'

Ok, Dense & Pika turn everything they touch into gold, this is also up there with 'The Crossing' in terms of how much I love it. It's a bit of an older track but I had to pay homage to this monster.

7. Dubfire & Oliver Huntsman - 'Terra (Joseph Capriati remix)'

Fantastic song, I've been playing this one out since it was released. Killer track structure and bass line.

8. Green Velvet - 'Flash (Eats Everything remix)'

All I have to say is BOMB. The original is legendary, so to have those vocals on top of this insane beat is awesome. I played this at Grassho

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