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Return Of The King? Roland Teases Possible Upgraded TR-909

After debuting 33 years ago, Roland hints at a potential release of a modern TR-909, among other things.
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The legendary 909 

Three decades is a long time, especially in the rapidly evolving world of music production. Creating a product with a lasting impact is no easy feat, yet after 33 years, Roland's TR-909 is still many top producers' go-to drum machine. 

The 909, for the uninitiated, is an analog drum machine that has been used on many of the biggest electronic music tracks of all time. To celebrate such a glorious machine, Roland will be doing a live stream of product announcements this coming month, with categories such as DJ gear, keyboards, and synthesizers. 

While the company hasn't explicitly announced that will be releasing a new 909, some speculate that the new 909 will be part of the Roland Boutique series - and it could definitely be cool to see the legendary machine become pocket size. One particular hint that this might be the case comes in the form of an interview response by Roland Boutique designer Takeshi Tojo, who said, "Yes, I think [the TR-909 would be a great Roland Boutique release] too. I think we will be getting a lot of feedback after this release, so we'd like to listen to what our customers have to say and decide on what to do next."

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However, the official announcement will come from the company's Aria division, which in 2014 released the TR-08, a modern-day hybrid of the 808 and 909. It could be a bit redundant to release something so similar, and seeing as the new fad is shrinking classic gear into micro-machines, Roland very well could be continuing down this path. Either way, all questions will be answered during the The 909 Celebration, which starts at 9:10am CEST on September 9th.


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