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Rezz and Raito Premiere Eclectic Collaboration "Alien"

Rezz has certainly honed in on her sound


Not a great many artists can boast that they've had the kind of year that Rezz has. The Mau5trap signee has garnered the attention of electronic music fans around the world for her uniquely dark production style - which has been recently exhibited in her collaboration with French producer Raito, "Alien."

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Built around the framework of one of Rezz' signature downtempo drum patterns, "Alien " is an exchange between an eerily simple synth melody and bombastic bass line. An interlude around the halfway mark features a syncopated break beat, giving the song some much-needed variety.

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After all, you could argue that Rezz has narrowed down her sound a bit too much at this stage of her career. It's certainly easy to understand how an artist at her level might be afraid to jeopardize their continued success by deviating too far from their signature sound, but allowing to grow stale could ultimately lead to the same result. 

Nonetheless, Rezz is still one of the more innovative artists in electronic music. Even if her and Raito's "Alien" is a bit redundant, she's undoubtedly got plenty more tricks up her sleeve.

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