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Sasha, Alan Fitzpatrick and More Speak Out in Defense of Fabric

"London needs Fabric"
Fabric London Nightclub Logo

The London nightlife scene can't seem to catch a break lately. In the span of a week not only did Studio 338 catch fire resulting in an untimely death, but the second drug overdose tied to the nightclub Fabric has resulted in the nightclub's license suspension.

Fabric had cancelled all of last weekend's festivities in a gesture of cooperation with local authorities, but has since announced that its closure will continue indefinitely. Since then, London Mayor Sadiq Khan has commented in favor of a resolution that would bode well for the future of the club.

A handful of DJs including Sasha, Alan Fitzpatrick and Cassy have also tweeted their own sentiments in regards to the potential closure of the hotspot.

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The hashtag #SaveFabric has made its rounds throughout social media, and many have accompanied it with an image of the nightclub's iconic logo.

We at Magnetic Magazine express our condolences to those who passed away as a result of the drug overdoses, and we hope that London officials reach a resolution that doesn't require Fabric to be permanently shut down.

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