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A Skrillex/From First To Last Reunion May Be In The Works

Skrillex has shared unreleased music from his former band
Skrillex (Sonny Moore) in From First To Last

Skrillex A.K.A. Sonny Moore as frontman of From First To Last

Between Rabbit in the Moon, Pendulum and Sasha & Digweed, 2016 has been the year of electronic music reunions - but nobody would have expected Skrillex to rejoin his mid-aughts post-hardcore band, From First To Last (FFTL). However, the bass music mastermind has shared unreleased music which has caused some to speculate that just such an endeavor is in the works.

On his Beats 1 show, OWSLA Radio, Skrillex premiered a song with FFTL's unmistakable style and his own vocals. The only identifying information he provided for it was "Bonus Track." 

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Many are skeptical of an FFTL reunion and suggest that the song may have been an unreleased demo from back when Skrillex was still known only as Sonny Moore and toured with the band as their frontman. The Alternative Press reported that the band's guitarist, Matt Good, had said that as of May 1st the band was working on new music but had been unable to include Moore in the process due to scheduling conflicts.

However, FFTL shared a Facebook post made by Skrillex linking to the OWSLA Radio episode in question, hinting that there may be more to the mysterious "Bonus Track" than what has been made available. Furthermore, 2016 marks the 10-year anniversary of Heroine, which was Moore's final album with the band.

Following the album, Moore had begun to suffer vocal problems, forcing the band to cancel tours. After a successful vocal surgery, he announced his departure from FFTL to pursue a solo career. The last show he performed as lead singer of FFTL took place in their hometown of Orlando, Florida at House of Blues during a stop on their tour as support for Orange County metalcore band Atreyu.

It wasn't until 2008 that Moore began performing in and around the Los Angeles area under his electronic music alias, Skrillex. He released his first EP, My Name Is Skrillex, as a free download in 2010, effectively propelling him into superstardom parallel to the EDM explosion of the same year.

Neither Skrillex nor FFTL have confirmed or denied the reunion speculations, but are sure to comment one way or another in the days to follow.

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