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Weekly Top 10 Trap Chart - August 5, 2016

New Jack Ü remix from Slander, Luca Lush remixes a classic, Vincent, Jayceeoh, I.Y.F.F.E and more.

What is happening? Flosstradamus, Yellow Claw and Jayceeoh have all put out new tracks over the past couple weeks and there's hardly a trap to be found. And that's to say nothing of DJ Snake's new album, Encore, which was just released. 

Encore bounces around like a beachball in a stranger's grimy basement party. It's like I came for the bass, but left unable to get all the sand out of my hair - and why is Justin Bieber's voice stuck in my head?

All good, though. If you've been following the chart, you know I'm all for artists expanding their sound - Bieber included, I suppose. Besides, it just leaves more room on the trap chart for these ten, which deserve far more than a listen. Let these ten new trap tunes run your weekend. 

Find the full playlist at the bottom.

"Mind (Slander Remix)" - Jack Ü 

I wasn't quite sure what to make of this at first with all that guitar (that's cheese to my ears, usually), but Slander killed this. Wow. Their "whole new vibe" is apparent, but their trap edge is sharper than ever. This means I gotta give Josh J. some cred for that fretwork. Of all his electric guitar music, this one and "Changes" should make your list

"Fuck Me Up (Jayceeoh Remix)" - TJR feat. Cardi B

A bit of a Psycho vibe at first, then it turns as funky and dark as Norman Bates crossdressing as his dead mother. "Yessss. Fuck me up, I deserve it. I've been a whore," sings the vocal refrain. Jayceeoh didn't give me much to work with on his new original, "Elevate," but this balances that out.

"Filthy (SaintRow Remix)" - WY feat. Lox Chatterbox

SaintRow is a new New York artist who has now hit the mark four times in a row (including a debut original with Juke Ellington). There's not a lot of work done on the original WY tune here, but this remix delivers far more bite. 

"Little Gurl" - I.Y.F.F.E and Dirt Monkey

It might sound a little mainstream at first, it might sound a little steppy at second, but then it's straight trap at third. The conventions used may be typical, but the soundbyte is fun and the bass is heavy. 

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"Wobble (Ronaissance Remix)" - Callie Reiff and Dapp

Part of a whole array of "Wobble" remixes, Ronaissance gets my vote. The Julius C. remix is on point too, but this one is giving fewer fucks, trashing the original from corner to corner. A right wrecka'. 

"Cinema (Luca Lush Remix)" - Benny Benassi and Skrillex ft. Gary Go

How many times must this classic be turned? We may never see the end of it, but that's okay with me as long as the remixes keep sounding like this. The range of sound here is incredible. It's a Luca lullaby and Lush nightmare tangled up in one. 

"Trenches" - DownTheAlley

DownTheAlley always seems to be putting out major tunes that just miss the chart. Not this week. Nice vocal play. Intriguing cover art. Classic party tune.

"Citadel" - Swellow

Rhymes with "yellow," and it may as a well be a Yellow Claw tune. There's no beautiful female vocals, but otherwise you could have fooled me. Swellow, formally known as Auzia of Haterade, has a major tune here. Wispy melody which, when given a choice between future and trap, wisely chooses the dark side.  

"Dreams" - Prismo

"Dreams" falls more on the commercial pop side like Prismo's "Shame" from last month rather than the raucous party side like his Baauer remix - but don't let that get you down. It's an interesting listen. Curious to hear what you make of it. 

"No Mercy" - Vincent

The diversity and theatrics of Vincent's sound continues. This is a guy who lays down monster trap beats one day and maybe the most stunning track of the year the next. This one's like slowly peeking underneath your bed to see if what lies beneath. You slowly peel back the overhanging bedsheets, the thought of what could be gets more terrifying by the minute, and then you peer into the darkness and find...

Full Playlist:

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