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SoundCloud Discontinues Groups Feature Amid User Backlash

“Groups aren't working as well as reposts, curated playlists, and messages”
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SoundCloud Issues Statement As Universal's War Against Users Continues

SoundCloud's struggle to monetize has resulted in a number of changes that haven't been universally celebrated over the past few years. Today, August 22nd, marks another such interface adjustment, as the music streaming platform has discontinued its Groups feature.

SoundCloud to Remove Album Artwork for Tunes

The company has not addressed the change to its interface on the blog section of its website, but the public has known about it for at least a month. In response, a SoundCloud user named Matt Byron started a petition on that has collected 664 signatures as of this writing.

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According to the London-based coders and musicians who launched - a service intended to fill the void left by SoundCloud's Groups feature - representatives speaking on behalf of the company have commented that “groups aren't working as well as reposts, curated playlists, and messages.”

The landing page of

The landing page of, a service intended to replace the functionality of SoundCloud's Groups feature.

Rumor also has it that music streaming giant Spotify might be looking to acquire SoundCloud, which is reportedly going for $1 billion. However, neither company has commented definitively one way or the other as of this writing.

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