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SoundCloud Takes a Page Out of Pandora's Book with Stations Feature

Only time will tell if Stations will win back the users SoundCloud lost by discontinuing Groups
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SoundCloud's had a rough go of things over the past several years, and dropping its Groups feature doesn't seem to have helped its street cred. In its place the music streaming service has unveiled Stations, however, which mimics the ease of use of platforms like Pandora and Spotify.

Each track, search term or content stream now features a "Stations" button that, when pressed, generates a sequence of upcoming song tiles. "It takes our previous 'Related Tracks' feature and brings it further, simplifying the functionality and making your discovery even better," reads a post to SoundCloud's blog.

SoundCloud's new Stations feature
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What remains to be seen is how much better it actually does work than the Related Tracks feature - and how many SoundCloud users will actually even end up finding the button in the first place. If the company doesn't find a way to monetize one way or another, though, it could very well be the next casualty of 2016's EDM death of times.

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